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"Fanny, Maha and Haathee wandered down to the beach.

They skipped in the cool rain,

and splashed through the dark salty waves -

but the sea stretched out before them."

June 4th, 1904: Fanny, a timid circus elephant, escapes Coney Island with her friends for a late-night swim at the beach. It's an exciting adventure for her - until she's swept out to sea! Now Fanny must learn what real courage is if she wants to return home.


Inspired by a true story, Fanny’s Big Swim is a little-known historical event told through Fanny’s eyes. Her journey from the shores of Coney Island through treacherous waters is an unforgettable one.

For any inquiries about Fanny's Big Swim, please contact my agent, Cindy Bullard of Birch Literary.

Mock front book cover for Fanny's Big Swim
fanny book spread mockup

(Cover Not Final)

(Sketches may differ from final illustration)

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